Easter Day - The Day of Resurrection

Easter is one of the essential festivals of Christianity. According to Christian beliefs, Jesus was resurrected on the third day of Good Friday, which is celebrated by the people of Christianity as Easter Sunday. Easter is also known as the Day of Resurrection or the Resurrection Sunday. Apart from Christmas, Easter is one of the most significant festivals for Christians. Both festivals are commemorated as the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ.

A period of fasting, known as Lent, is followed during Easter. During this time, many churches reserve time for remorse and remembrance. The Holy Week, also called ‘Passion Week’ is a week leading up to Easter. It includes Palm Sunday (the day was celebrated as Jesus entered Jerusalem), Maundy Thursday (Jesus met his Apostles to observe Passover and had ‘Last Supper’), and Good Friday (the day when God crucified on the cross).


According to Christianity, thousands of years ago, Christ was hung on a cross at the hills of Jerusalem city on Good Friday. After which, on the third day of Good Friday (namely Sunday), Jesus was alive again. Jesus stayed with his followers for about 40 days and then went to heaven forever. The celebration of this festival lasts for about 40 days, but officially it continues till 50 days. The Christian community celebrates this occasion with full fervor.

The history of Easter is ancient. It is a Pagan festival, which is observed on the first Sunday of spring, in addition to the spring season. The main symbol of Easter is an egg. It is a mark of new rejuvenation, new celebration, rebirth, renewal, and progress for the people living on earth, and for every living being.


The fact of Easter Day itself is quite exciting in which everything has its importance with mythology. With the spring break, the atmosphere becomes pleasant after the cold and dark times. Similarly, Jesus, the Son of God, fulfilled the prophecy of the Messiah and rose from the dead and defeated evil forever.

Importance of Easter Egg

Easter eggs have great importance, just like birds. Birds first lay eggs in their nest. After that, the chick comes out. Similarly, the egg is considered an auspicious memorial here. Moreover, on Easter, people use to paint and decorate eggs, grant as a gift to each other. It is a promising sign that fills new enthusiasm and zeal among people by giving them a chance to live life.

How it is celebrated?

Easter is a huge celebration, which Christian society celebrates religiously. Apart from this, gifts are given to each other, especially in the shape of eggs, making sweets, singing songs, congratulating, and in many other ways.

It is believed that the festival begins with a Wednesday that falls forty-six days before Easter and ends on the day of Easter.

Churches are specially decorated on Easter day. On this day, prayers are performed for the welfare of the whole world in the church. Along with this, candles are lit in churches and homes. The text of the Bible has special significance on this day.


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